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How to Remove Old Wallpaper from 8 to 10 Years of Wallpaper
date:2020-03-06 14:26

Wallpaper, as a new favorite of home decoration, decorates the ever-changing home with its own personality color, bringing vitality and endless interest to life.
The wallpaper produced by modern technology can be used under normal conditions, and its service life is 8-10 years. As a decorative material, wallpaper itself has a strong sense of the times. According to the survey, in foreign countries, wallpaper update speed is quite fast, using 1-2 years, wallpaper may be replaced. Change wallpaper, just change your mood.
As a burden of the sense of the times, as a place of deposit of erotic color, wallpaper does have too many functions. Then please correctly grasp this beautiful color and enjoy the beauty of wallpaper in limited time.
How to remove old wallpaper
Some people may feel a little tired of the original wallpaper after several years of decoration. They want to replace it again. So how to remove the old wallpaper?
For the wallpaper that has fallen off, it can be slightly torn off from the raised corner. The hard part can be wetted by a sponge dipped in water. After soaking for a few minutes, the wallpaper can be torn off by hand. If it is PVC wallpaper, it is necessary to have a toothed scraper to scrape off the surface of the PVC layer, so that water can smoothly infiltrate into the inner layer, and then blow once with hot air to soften the viscose before cleaning.
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